The person behind the blog…

Once upon a time, there was a baby girl born in Pontiac Michigan. Before she had a chance to learn where she came from the baby girl’s mother had better opportunities and packed up their things and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada just when the baby girl was only two months old.

That baby girl grew up with a passion for books. She enjoyed reading the Google Encyclopedia and anything with science. She eventually learned about a series called Warriors by Erin Hunter and started to really get into reading about fantasy stories.

Today that girl is all grown up with the same passion for books.She recently just moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to Bay City, Michigan. She enjoys reading Marissa Meyer’s books, Leigh Bardugo, and anything with a good fairytale retelling story.

Besides reading she also enjoys being a new time mom to a one-year-old baby girl and going on some family adventures and writes when the boss baby allows it.